What to look for when choosing a photographer

What to look for when choosing a photographer

How to choose a photographer? Good question! It doesn’t really matter what your purpose is, whether it’s to fill your portfolio as a model, to update your social media profile, or for an heirloom family photo album – it’s important to do some homework. Before making the final choice, you need to make sure that the photographer you are considering is really ready to cope with the task at hand and get you what you need. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips on what to look for.

  1. Portfolio. This is the calling card of any photographer, and here you will see the best of their work. As you go over it, look for a sense of harmony, a style, and ask yourself if what you see resonates with you. If so, pursue further, but if not, it’s best to keep looking.
  2. Experience and skills. While it’s not the main one when choosing a photographer, it cannot be completely ignored either. Experience may give the edge to a photographer to quickly find an approach to different models, to look for that special angle, to notice that little something extra. An experienced photographer will know what result he’s going to get. The professional also will have all the necessary gear to make it happen. Interestingly, a beginner can sometimes offer some fresh ideas, a non-standard look at everyday things, but they should still be a professional in their outlook and service.
  3. Good communication with the photographer. If the photographer can’t put you at ease, then it will be difficult for you to work with them. You won’t be able to relax, and you are unlikely to enjoy the session, which, of course, will affect the photos. Talking with them beforehand can really help you know if you two are a good fit.
  4. Cost. This is a tough one for many. Sometimes high prices don’t mean better service, and sometimes lower prices don’t mean a worse product – but they usually do. This is why it’s important to check them out beforehand, and connect with them yourself. Consider your budget, and yet be prepared to invest in yourself.
  5. Other people’s experience. With everything online, it’s not difficult to find information about a photographer. See what other people who have already had experience with them say about them on the Internet or social networks. Try to find reviews from various sources. Referrals are a great connection to finding the right photographer for you.

Where to look for a good photographer?

With so much moving more than ever to online, it’s easier to look for a good photographer; all you need is Internet access. Finding good photographers “near me” is one idea, and the following can also be quite helpful:

  • use search engines;
  • check into social networks;
  • ask for recommendations from your friends and acquaintances;
  • go to the personal websites of photographers.

And remember, if you are eager to find a good photographer, it’s best to give yourself a bit of time. After all, full-time professionals often have a rather tight schedule and so you might have to make an appointment at least a couple of weeks, if not more, in advance. Waiting until the last minute to book could mean a delay or missing out on your choice if there’s a deadline, so it’s best to start choosing a photographer as soon as possible!