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Business portraits are the best way to portray the image of your company and employees. Having no photos on your site will make it look bland and lack identity. But what’s even worse is a site with bad pictures of your employees, this could be catastrophic for your reputation. To avoid these problems, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Do your employees make you want to work there? To get these attractive, high-quality photos, hire a professional photographer, this will help you give the right impression of your company. Business Image and Branding is becoming more important every year. All companies should consider getting a unified look for all their employee profile pictures. These photos can be used for LinkedIn profile photos, company websites, business marketing materials and email signatures.

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Professional photo equipment that we use for shooting allows you to get a result that exceeds all expectations. Ready-made photos have a natural, unique style, emphasize all the positive and unique features in your appearance.


The quality of a photo depends on the location, background, ability of the photographer to convey the basic meaning of the picture, its idea. Together, these factors are successfully selected by the photographer, you can get high-quality photos.


Correction of photos in special photo editors eliminates minor flaws that may be present on the photo. Removing glare, skin defects, color correction, as well as other details can improve the picture, achieve the desired effect in its perception.


Each person is individual. Therefore, we do not use “template work options”, but are looking for an individual approach to each client. This is the main secret why our photos are obtained the way they are: catchy, revealing a deep inner meaning.

Why people have Business portraits ?

Studio Business portraits

Business is changing. More than ever, people rely on email and websites to get information. Face-to-face meetings are less common yet the human connection is what continues to drive sales and successful business relationships. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet in person, you must rely on your professional portrait to represent you on all social platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn and instagram.

Many websites are now adding pictures of their employees to help put a friendly face to their company. It’s important to know who you are doing business with and seeing the face of the person you are corresponding with is a very powerful tool to instill confidence.

Put your best foot forward in a professional business photo session for your company website, personal bio, or other career materials. Making an impeccable first impression still is invaluable, especially when many people first see you in a profile photograph on LinkedIn, Facebook & Co.

We help you look the part. Our make-up artist and stylist will work with you to plan your photo shoot and create a look that is career appropriate, while underscoring your unique personality and style. If you need a touch-up during your portrait shoot, your stylist will be right by your side. We see a promotion in your future!

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Studio is well equipped and owners are very friendly. Price is reasonable and location. Totally Recommend!

Emeli Glass

The environment was totally amazing—the best place for a photoshoot.

Dominik Bryan

They are very professional and easy to work with

Khloe Duarte