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Cats, dogs, birds, and our other fellow creatures are winsomely photogenic–and highly mobile! For instance, a cute puppy photoshoot is a fun but unpredictable process, so the results will definitely demonstrate the level of professionalism of the photographer. If you’re looking to find a pro pet photographer near me, please contact us and we will be happy to help you with this!

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Professional photo equipment that we use for shooting allows you to get a result that exceeds all expectations. Ready-made photos have a natural, unique style, emphasize all the positive and unique features in your appearance.


The quality of a photo depends on the location, background, ability of the photographer to convey the basic meaning of the picture, its idea. Together, these factors are successfully selected by the photographer, you can get high-quality photos.


Correction of photos in special photo editors eliminates minor flaws that may be present on the photo. Removing glare, skin defects, color correction, as well as other details can improve the picture, achieve the desired effect in its perception.


Each person is individual. Therefore, we do not use “template work options”, but are looking for an individual approach to each client. This is the main secret why our photos are obtained the way they are: catchy, revealing a deep inner meaning.

Photo session for puppies and other pets

Best Pet photography

In an animal photoshoot, it’s important to reflect its individuality and beauty. A pet may have remarkable charisma, so the catch is how to capture this gift in the frame.

A pet photoshoot is usually one of three main categories:

  • Shooting for an exhibition, catalog, or advertising purposes. In these types of photos, we focus on the dignity of the animal, showcasing its ideal compliance with breed standards. Sometimes a lot of photos will be taken to capture the most important poses: of the animal standing on the exhibition stand, and then full face-on in the sitting position. Photographers should carefully select the background so that the color pops; retouchers bring every hair to perfection.
  • Portfolio. This type of session can be carried out in the studio, outdoors or at home, with the owners of the animal. The location of the photo session does not matter, in this case, the goals of the event are important. For example, the dog photographer near me (or any other kind of photographer you need) will meet the “model” and win the trust of your charming tailed friend. They should be able to bring out the main character traits of the pet, catching in the frame shyness, playfulness, curiosity, and much more; all the loveable points of your pet.
  • Shooting in action. In general, this type of photo session resembles a “hunt” in the wild, the photographer captures the moment and captures the most interesting scenes, emotions, or situations. So the professional cat photographer knows what to do.


Very often in a pet photo session, you have not only portraits of the pet itself, but also treasured ones of them with the owners. We can do both, making it an opportunity to book not only for a dog or other pet, but to arrange the session with the whole family and pet–or pets!

Get in touch, and we can provide an unforgettable photo session with your furry or feathered friends, or maybe even scaled! In our studio, we can provide both traditionally-styled and creatively-styled shoots.

You won’t need to buy props, search for a location or worry about details; we’ll be ready for any twists and turns and surprises. A studio can provide a safe and enclosed space for your pet to feel comfortable and safe, and allow for some great creativity. And of course, we will be providing you with an interesting and fun approach to the session for you and your pet for great portraits to always hold fond memories.

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Studio is well equipped and owners are very friendly. Price is reasonable and location. Totally Recommend!

Emeli Glass

The environment was totally amazing—the best place for a photoshoot.

Dominik Bryan

They are very professional and easy to work with

Khloe Duarte