How to pose for a photo shoot

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How to pose for a photo shoot

A business portrait is multi-purpose and multi-faceted concept, which is usually associated with a photo shoot made in a work environment and business style. Such images are necessary for use in resumes, illustrating brand books, posting on corporate websites, or for use as advertising materials. On the Internet, you can find many tips on posing for photo shoots, but it is difficult to find recommendations particularly for business photography.

Basic rules of posing for a photo shoot

In the process of conducting a photo shoot, try not to look at the camera, but at the photographer. Think of him as a good friend – this will allow you to look more natural and less stressed.

Correct posture plays one of the key roles in the pictures, so move your shoulders up, back, and then down. An experienced and professional photographer will tell you which of the possible positions is the most advantageous in your case.

Do not worry because of a smile, as this is far from the most indispensable attribute in a business portrait. If you are a very smiling and positive person by nature – this is great, but it is worth remembering that you should adhere to measures in everything. A small smile can transform the appearance of any person, but a wide smile will not be the best option for photography.

Best poses for male and female photo shoot

As practice shows, during professional shooting, men feel less confident compared to women. Therefore, to achieve a good result, it is important for the photographer to organize the most simple and not complicated process.

As an example, we can consider several simple and popular male poses for photo shoots:

    • The most classic variant is a picture of the upper body with folded arms. When performing the shooting, the man should not forget to follow the muscles of the press and slightly take his shoulders back.
    • Crossed arms are a popular option for full-length photography. In addition to hands, you can try to cross and legs. But just remember that the weight of the whole body should be shifted by one leg. Otherwise, you will look awkward in the pictures.
    • Among the informal positions of straight men, problems with the position of hands in pockets may arise. Practice this moment and try to find the most natural and comfortable position for you.

As for women, there are many more interesting variants here, but we will focus on the most basic ones. To begin with, you should slightly tilt your shoulder down and at the same time slightly raise it, stretch your chin forward. It is important that a small gap is maintained between the shoulder and chin, and the hair does not block the light on the face. This will allow a woman to look more confident and slim on the picture.