Event photography

There are many pleasant events in the life of every person. And we want the memories of them to stay with us forever. Event photography can help here.

Photography for any important events for you can be covered:

  • engagement;
  • wedding;
  • birthday party;
  • shooting newborns;
  • corporate events;
  • and so many more!

Our photographers will provide excellent photos of your event, capturing those good moments so that the memory of them will warm you for a long time to come!

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Professional photo equipment that we use for shooting allows you to get a result that exceeds all expectations. Ready-made photos have a natural, unique style, emphasize all the positive and unique features in your appearance.


The quality of a photo depends on the location, background, ability of the photographer to convey the basic meaning of the picture, its idea. Together, these factors are successfully selected by the photographer, you can get high-quality photos.


Correction of photos in special photo editors eliminates minor flaws that may be present on the photo. Removing glare, skin defects, color correction, as well as other details can improve the picture, achieve the desired effect in its perception.


Each person is individual. Therefore, we do not use “template work options”, but are looking for an individual approach to each client. This is the main secret why our photos are obtained the way they are: catchy, revealing a deep inner meaning.

Features of event photography

Event photography

Photographing events is something of a full-fledged record on how the festive or perhaps solemn event took place, a type of photo reportage. It documents all the features of the event in chronological order. It will also allow you to keep track of events over the years, who did what at one time or another!

Adequate preparation with your photographer includes clear communication of expectations and required shots. Part of this includes providing them with the program of the event. It’s important that they know what’s important for you! It’s also a good idea to provide a list of people that you want particularly photographed; for example, parents, godparents, etc.

This, of course, depends on the event. So you provide the event, and our photographers provide you with excellent photos of it to take care of your needs and tell your story.

Wedding, graduation, bringing your wife home from the hospital, birthday, corporate event photography–all require the skill of a professional photographer. Catching emotion, a moment of joyful meeting, the exhilaration of success, the second when the groom takes an admiring look at the bride, or mother and child share a bonding moment–  these all draw out the talent of the photographer for those telling moments when photographing events.

Contact the photographer for your important events

If you wish to capture an important event, our photographers are always ready to help you! Fill out an application on the website to contact us for all the details of an event photoshoot, and book a photographer for the date you are interested in.

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Studio is well equipped and owners are very friendly. Price is reasonable and location. Totally Recommend!

Emeli Glass

The environment was totally amazing—the best place for a photoshoot.

Dominik Bryan

They are very professional and easy to work with

Khloe Duarte