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Kris Macc

“The process of working with Vadim was beyond anything I had ever experienced and completely different from anything I expected. This was an exercise in vulnerability, which is one of my favorite topics. His process challenged me to take the mask off and abandon the smile that I had worked on for decades. Once I surrendered to the process, I was able to let go and tap into authenticity and confidence.”


Hey there! Mariia from Esquire Photos here.


Getting the right professional head shot for your business is tough work.

You know that you’ve got the potential to make a HUGE impact for a LOT of people (and give others the confidence that you’re the one they want to work with)

…but right now, you probably feel like you’ve reached a plateau, don’t you?

You’re not sure what to do next to solidify your personal brand and attract more of the exact people you need to grow your network. Even worse, the wrong kind of photo attracts the wrong target audience (and you’ll never know what kind of opportunity you missed out on.

You're struggling
with questions like...

How do I display confidence that appeals to my target audience and effectively communicates that I’m right person for the job?


How do I display a high level of trust so make my target audience feel at ease in letting me be in charge of their needs? 

How can I build more connections that will open up more opportunities for me, such as speaking on stage or gaining access to podcasts, networking events, or more? (Funny picture for connection)

How can I add admiration and respect to my personal brand and establish myself as a thought leader or experts in my field while leaving a lasting impressions? 

How can I stand out from my competition and demonstrate that I’m the right choice for my perfect audience?

How do I get over being shy and showing my true self on the camera?

Is a professional Headshot the right investment for me right now? 

These questions aren't going to answer themselves, right?

Of course not! If theses were easy questions to answer, everybody and their mother would be have amazing head shots and portraits. We’d all be on hanging out at the nearest country club golfing in beautiful weather.

But they’re NOT easy questions and the reality is that if you don’t exist online, are you even real?

So you’ve probably been looking for a professional portrait photographer to help.

You might even have taken one or two of them up on their offer to get a few head shots done in a short sessions.

Anthony Ocasio

“I highly recommend Esquire Photos. Their team is very talented and filled with high-quality professionals. The care that they have for their clients shines through their work. If you’re in need of great head shots, body language coaching or professional team photos, hire Esquire Photos. You will not be disappointed!”

But when it's time for the Personal Branding Content, it's all fluff and no results!

When it’s time to take your head shot, you’re SUPER excited because you’re sure you’re finally about to capture the confidence, professionalism, and power images you’ve been searching for…

But then your “head shot photographer” spends the first half-hour taking a bunch of test shots and telling you not to worry, you’re going to look great.

Then, you get to talk for maybe 5 minutes about what you want to accomplish and the “feel” you want to convey…

They don’t provide facial expression coaching or provide direction to make your face and body language speak to your target audience showing your true confident and approachable self.

… and after that, you’re taking a bunch of random pictures your not sure you can even use.And when the sessions ends, you’re more confused, frustrated, and jaded than ever!Does any of this sound familiar to you?

I’ll bet it does!

Trust us - you're worth it

If you’re serious about having a jaw-dropping professional head-shot and portrait that is going to help you grow your income, connections, opportunities and freedom, you can’t afford NOT to schedule a call with us. 

But we can’t click the button below for you. You’ve gotta take care of that part yourself.

Let’s do this!

P.S: If you click the button and see that our schedule is full for this week, don’t panic. We’ll have a handful of spots open for next week. As you’ll see from the feedback our clients have provided below, it’s worth the wait!

Jon Tavarez

“Previously, smiles were sort of forced because photographers would say “smile” like if that was a reason for smiling. Their staff’s sense of humor definitely made the difference in bringing out my authentic smile!”​

It's time for a Headshot session that's actually about boosting your credibility and confidence.

We’re tired as much as you are of all the self-proclaimed “experts” out there who make most of their income from wasting people’s time with head shots sessions that do not help you move forward with your goals.

So we decided to do better for people like you – hard-working, ambitious, talented professionals – who deserve the guidance from a team of professionals who’ve been “in the trenches” and know the real-deal strategies to help you put your personal brand into high-gear.

There’s NO wasted time and no pointless chit-chat.

We’ll jump right in and identify exactly how you want to position yourself and the emotions you want to convey… 

and give you actionable feedback to take your head shot to the next level.

We’ll coach you on how to relax, control your smile, and give you direction on how to pose.
Plus, you can see the results and make corrections right away as opposed to waiting.

On top of that, we give you recommendation on your outfit, the kind of background color that will add to your presence, make-up and everything else you might want to bring into the session – we help you figure it all out.

After the shoot, we sit with you and select the best picture. You are truly in control of the entire process.

Which is why you’re going to want to book a call with us right away.

See, at the end of the call, you’ll have a detailed blueprint in place for leveling up professional head shot and portrait so that you can generate more calls, more clicks, more leads, more sales, more everything!

If you want to hire us after that, awesome!

If you want to go elsewhere, that’s great too. We’ll still sleep better knowing you’ve got the tools and know-how to make it happen.

Either way, this is going to be the most powerful hour you’ve spent on your head shot and portrait in a LONG time!

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Is my call with esquire photos free? 

Yes! The way we see it, pointing you in the right direction and giving you value first is our way of showing you that we're different, that we care, and that we want to put our best foot forward in working with you.

Plus, if you feel you wasted out time, your next cup of coffee is on us.

How's that for fair?