Best way to take product photos

Best way to take product photos

A key element for the marketing of any company or online store to really help sell their products is high-quality product photography. Well-done as well as creative product photography not only showcases the variety, but draws in potential clients to make a purchase from you. So it’s important to find the best way to take product photos!

What do you need to create great product photos?

  1. Appropriate product photography lighting setup. One of the important aspects of performing subject photography is high-quality light. Photographers use terms such as “soft” and “hard” light to characterize it, among other terms. Soft light refers to more diffused light and shadows, while hard light will give darker shadows with higher contrast between them and lighter areas. Soft light tends to be better for most products in an online store.
  2. Background. Don’t forget about the right background for your shoots. It plays an important role in the overall result of the photoshoot. A simple, pleasant backdrop will not distract attention from the item you intend to sell. A smooth plain wall, plastic, A3 size Whatman paper is an excellent choice for these purposes. Fabric is usually not the best choice, as its texture can be clearly visible in the photo.
  3. Product photo editing. There are many software programs for retouching pictures. With the help of editing tools, all kinds of actions are possible: alignment of light, brightness, horizon line, contrast, color rendition, etc. These should be used to enhance the visual appeal of photographic content. With the help of processing, you can perfect the images, making the photos of your products more interesting.

What equipment do you need for product photography?

To achieve interesting and creative product photos, you cannot do without professional photo equipment and the right setup. Besides, of course, a camera with several lens options, you will need:

  • a tripod;
  • flashes, lamps for additional lighting;
  • lightboxes;
  • reflectors and more.

These can be costly. So an investment like this really only makes sense to purchase if you have a big sales plan, and you need to regularly shoot a large number of goods.

If your company does not have a large variety of goods, it would likely end up being a waste of money to have at your disposal expensive studio equipment for product photography. In this case, it would be much more efficient to seek help from photographers who specialize in this. You can save your time and money, and then invest more in advertising. An experienced photographer will always be able to offer great ideas on how to present your products as well, rather than for you trying to learn everything from scratch and run your business.