5 bomb tips for best headshot

5 bomb tips for best headshot

1. Clothes

Solid color shirt or blouse and a suit jacket for the professional look. Please make sure the clothes ironed and pressed before the photoshoot. Bring a two or three changes of the clothes to the shoot, you will decide with the photographer what color and facture looks better on your pictures. Shoes are not visible on headshots so be comfortable.

2. Skin and Makeup

Drink plenty of water at least 48 hours before the photoshoot, as this will keep your skin smooth and clear. Try to avoid sun exposure and facial peels, as it leaves your skin irritated. Bring moisturizer to the shoot in case your skin does get dry. Put some make up for a natural look, cover up blemishes. Try not to use matte style, it will dry out your skin. Bring lip balm and lipstick to keep lips soft.

3. Hair

Do not make a haircut a week or two before the session, as freshly cut hair can look strange on camera. Start with your hair down and bring some accessories to put the hair up for a more natural look. Bring your brush and some hair product (gel, hairspray) to get calm the flyaways.

4. Facial Hair

Get rid of any unwanted hair a few days before your shoot. FOr male clients it is better to come with stubble or beard for first shots, later you can shave for a cleaner look, do not forget to bring the razor and cooling gel/aftershave for it.

5. Communicate

Be in communication with your photographer before your session. Ask him/her any questions you might have and good photographer takes the time to answer your questions and put you at ease.